Volunteers Needed – Ancaster Flea Market

April 21st 2019 is the day of our next ‘Ancaster British Car Show & Flea Market’. As always we need volunteers to help with set-up, traffic, vendor support, ticket booth etc. 
Many of you have volunteered in past years (WOW, THANKS) and we need you again. In fact, we need more volunteers. If you know a fellow member who can help us, then get them involved. Now, please review the following points:
1) If you volunteered last year, you are already on our list. You don’t need to do anything, you will be on the list this year.
2) If you would prefer to, or need to do a different job or work at a different time, please let us know so wan do our best to work that out.
3) If you cannot volunteer this year, we understand, but definitely let us know
4) If there is another volunteer you would like to work with, let us know and we will try to make it happen.
5) If your telephone number or email has changed since last year, (yup, you guessed it), let us know. 
a. Go to the Flea Market Web site, http://www.ancasterbritish.ca, then click on volunteers on the left, the click on flea market email. Send us an email message.
b. Send an email message to Mike McNeely. My email address is mmcneely@ymail.com
c. Telephone me at H 905 873 7371 or C 905 749 4832
d. Tell a Flea Market Committee member or see me at the next Club Meeting.

HERE IS THE BIG CLOSE! Last year we needed 100 volunteers. We got 85. Yikes! It was a lot of extra work for many. (longer or double shifts etc). So, we still really need all of you. Plus we need at least 15 more helpers. Tell a friend, bring your son in law (even if you don’t like ’em). Got a neighbor pal who likes cars? Anyone can volunteer; they do not have to be members. 

Many thanks!!

Mike McNeely -Committee Chairman