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Ask The Expert

From the expert tech session of the October 2020 monthly meeting of the AHCSO:

  • Part 1: points vs. electronic? downshift with stick or overdrive?
  • Part 2: idle speed adjustment on the BJ8 and use of throttle bypass screw
  • Part 3: assembling a Sprite; tires; mineral oil vs. synthetic

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Tri-Carb Tuning

Lever Shock Replacement Part 1/3

Lever Shock Replacement Part 2/3

Lever Shock Replacement Part 3/3

Axle Housing and Rear Brakes 

Water Pump Replacement 

King Pin Bushing Replacement 

Sprite and Midget Rear-end Rebuild – Part 1 

Sprite and Midget Rear-end Rebuild – Part 2 

other: Several Informative Videos from a Healey Specialist in Sweden.

Oils and Lubricants

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Engine Oil Additive Levels

Gearbox Oils

Electrical and Related

Lucas Wiper Motor Rebuild

SU Fuel Pumps

Smith’s Instruments Parts List – Sprite

Smith’s Instruments Parts List – Big Healey

Turn Signal Trafficator Repair

Lucas Distributor Catalogue

Brake Light Assembly

Manuals and Parts Lists

BMC Manuals – Article in Safety Fast

Big Healey Part Numbers

AH Gear Part Numbers

SU Models & Part Nos Big Healey

SU Models & Part Nos SpriteBMC Manuals – Article in Safety Fast

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Larry Varley’s Austin Healey 100 Restoration Site

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Scuttle Shake

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Seat Belt Article

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Late Healey Windtone Healey horns 9H

Early High Frequence Horns – HF1748

100 – 6 to 3000 Chassis Diagram

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