Awards & Recognition!

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The Dave Kotch Driving Award

In 2010 the AHCSO created an award in memory of Dave Koch. Dave was very much a car guy who was more into the mechanics of the hobby than the social scene, but was very active in the Southern Ontario club. After rebuilding their 100M, David and Janet drove it to Conclave San Antonio where it achieved a high level Gold Concours award. On his return Dave proceeded to modify the car to be a reliable long distance driver, and put many miles on it before his passing.
The award is voted on by the executive and presented annually by the AHCSO president to the driver who best represents their love of driving their Healey that year. 
2018 Winners:  Rick and Pauline Thomas


Past Winners:

2017 – Rick and Pauline Thomas
2016 – Mal Bruce and Erica White
2015 – Lenard and Martha Thomas
2014 – Heather and Mark Doust
2013 – Laurie and Diane Wilford
2012 – Ed and Anna Orr
2011 – Bob and Jean Slater
2010 – Bob and Levina Yule 

British Car Day

British Car Day award winners may be found on the British Car Day Website at:  (see ‘Results’ in lower left pane).

Conclave 2016 – Cincinnati OH

Best in Show:  Blair & Norma Jane Harber

  • Healey 100 Award:  Blair & Norma Jane Harber
  • BJ8 Peer Choice:  Ed & Anna Orr
  • BJ8 Peer Choice:  Tom & Amanda Yule
  • Jensen Healey Peer Choice:  Malcolm Bruce
  • Innocenti Peer Choice: Mark Doust
  • BJ8 Gymkhana:  Rick Thomas
  • Walking Ralley:  Tom & Amanda Yule

Louisville Conclave 2012:

Popularity:  BJ8 – 1 light:  Tom & Lin Haubert – Award of Excellence


Rendezvous 2012: 

Bob & Levina Yule – 3rd Place – BJ8 Twin Light Class


Conclave Colorado 2011: 

Popularity:   BJ8/Twin Light:  Bob & Levina Yule – 6th Place


Club Longevity Awards


Congratulations to our members whose names appear here for reaching either their 5, 10 or 20 year milestone of continuous club membership with the Austin Healey Club of America.

20 Years:

  • Ken & Elizabeth Goff
  • Bob & Jean Slater

10 Years:

  • John DeLaCour
  • Pam & Bob Gergely
  • Dan & Kathy Harris
  • Doug & Gerri Knight
  • Bruce & Nancy Pettit
  • Bryan & Anne Schmidt

5 Years:

Ron Bisch

  • Geoff Chrysler
  • Eoin & Joan Galvin
  • Sam James
  • Bill & Elizabeth McNaughton
  • Gil & Maria Melo
  • Rolando & Cathy Pinheiro
  • Bert & Mary Lou Raposo
  • John & Shirley Reeve
  • Mirek & Gwen Sharp
  • Rick Swain